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INNOTECH as a "Caring Company"

Measures towards satisfied employees

Employers who are committed to their workforce and its well-being have enjoyed increasing popularity, especially in recent years. In this regard, compatibility of job and family, as well as the relationship between working time and private life, are generally in the foreground.


But the provision of stability, self-realisation, and satisfaction are also significant factors in the realisation of a Caring Company.


Particularly in the era of the home office, there are increased time or performance pressures, as well as other stress factors on employees. In the following blog post you can find out how we counteract these factors.



Why we care - measures towards satisfied employees

For us as an employer, the well-being of our employees is clearly at the forefront. We have various proposals and measures to ensure the satisfaction of our employees. Using the following six measures, we try to create a work/life balance:


  • Measure 1: Flexitime model for adaptable time management
    Our flexitime model enables our employees to arrange their working start and finish times freely, taking into account the core working time. This applies to Management as well as to Production.

    Every employee can thus freely choose their working start time from 6 a.m. onwards, and can arrive at work in top form, whether they're an early or a late riser. 
  • Measure 2: Fresh cuisine every day for healthy nutrition
    Healthy eating increases our employees’ well-being. That’s why from Monday to Thursday we provide subsidised meal options. Not only are our employees provided with a freshly made breakfast, but they can also choose between two lunch menus.

    Our inspired chef Birgit and her team place great emphasis on fresh food, and they select locally grown products wherever possible. They provide the employees with tasty meals consisting of a starter, main course, and dessert. And vegetarians are not ignored, because there is a meat-free alternative everyday.
  • Measure 3: Back fitness programme for good health 
    Everyone is familiar with the back pains which follow a hard week. Whether caused by work or free-time activities, we are often plagued by back pains. In order to counteract or prevent permanent spinal pain, we have made an arrangement with local Fit for Life fitness studios in Gmunden and Vorchdorf.

    Our employees can avail of the special back fitness programmes every day. 
  • Measure 4: Short lines of communication mean simple solutions to problems
    Everyone’s on first-name terms in our company. We meet each other on the same level, and this creates respectful and appreciative interactions. This cordial contact creates room for trust, and enables short lines of communication.

    These are also demonstrated in terms of problem-solving. The managing director and direct superiors are always accessible, and they have a ready ear for problems which arise and can be solved easily through the short lines of communication.
  • Measure 5: Creating a balance between the office and remote working
    Since the start of the pandemic, home office working has become part of everyday life for many companies, and therefore also for us. Meetings and teamwork activities increasingly take place in a virtual space.

    In this regard, it is important to create a balance between virtual communication and remote work, and “face-to-face” working time. Home office working must not get out of hand and intrude into the private lives of employees. Working from home on two days per week was therefore agreed, if the department manager approved.
  • Measure 6: The wish for professional development is promoted
    Our agreement to advanced training or further development is no empty phrase. Depending on the professional activity, there are various options for further development. For example, dual systems such as in-service study or an apprenticeship combined with secondary education certificate are supported.

    Here too, the extremely short lines of communication prove themselves. Wishes for professional development are discussed and put into effect through the department manager directly.


Our measures increase the satisfaction of our employees and create a work/life balance. “Challenge and support” is the motto.



There has to be fun!


In addition to all the measures implemented to encourage our employees’ welfare, one item is essential… TEAM BUILDING! Once the work is done, we enjoy spending time together. Whether it’s the table football in the cellar or various other free-time activities such as dinners together, we live our team spirit, and thereby reinforce our interaction.



Challenges to the concept of a Caring Company

Regardless where professional activities are performed, all employees must have the same level of access to knowledge and information. Communication tools can be used for this.


Our chosen tool for this is Webex. In particular the introduction of new tools can present employees with various challenges, because it can take some time until these tools have completely established themselves in the company. 


However, it is possible to remedy this. Regular employee training sessions simplify the use of new tools. It should also be mentioned that freely accessible tablets are available to all employees, so that they can obtain information for both internal and external use. This allows everyone to be at the same state of knowledge.



The benefits of being a Caring Company

Satisfied employees are motivated employees; various studies have already demonstrated that. If you approach work with enthusiasm, you perform better. As an employer, in the long term we count on satisfied employees, and we strive to create an ambiance of well-being.


That’s why we are absolutely convinced of our measures and of our Caring Company concept. 


Not just the psychological aspects of our employees’ health are at the forefront, but so are the physical aspects. We contribute to the latter with the back fitness programmes and our balanced menus. Through flexible time management and the option of home office working, we increase the compatibility of family and job.


Our continuing objectives are to communicate on an equal level with our employees and job applicants, to do our best every day to maintain the success of our company, and to go into the future with satisfied employees.



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Dans le domaine de la sécurité au travail, INNOTECH est considéré comme co-auteur des principes de planification de la norme écologique allemande ÖNORM et comme co-fondateur du cercle de travail international D.A.CH.S., un groupe d'experts originaires d'Allemagne, d'Autriche, de Suisse et du Tyrol du sud dont l'objectif est de créer des règlementations transnationales en matière de dispositifs anti-chute. 

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